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Calculating Capital Gains Tax on fund sales

When you place an order, the interface does not tell you what the capital gains tax will be. Over time, it slowly becomes evident. You can figure it out in the following ways:

The next working day after the stipulation date (約定)

The gross amount will be visible in the transaction history: 取引→注文履歴→注文履歴照会→click your order number→受渡金額

Transaction Details

The net amount will show up in your "purchase power" screen under the same date as the 受渡日 from the transaction details screen: 講座管理→買付余力→(受渡日 date).

The difference between the gross and net amount is the amount of tax.

Alternatively, a PDF called 譲渡益税徴収・還付のお知らせ is created and delivered to your virtual mailbox, which contains the tax calculation. It includes the calculation for all trades made that day, rather than for an individual trade. Only one trade was made in this example, so the calculation works out.

On the delivery date

The tax payment shows up as a withdrawal from your account: 入出金・振替→入出金明細→ there should be a recent entry under 出金額

Every 3 months - 取引残高報告書

A PDF of your recent transactions is generated every 3 months. This PDF is the easiest way to see the capital gains tax, but is not available at the time you make transaction.

There are two or three adjacent lines in the statement:

  1. The sale of the asset with the note 特定対象.
  2. (If you have the link to an SBI Hybrid account set up) the transfer of the net amount to your account with the note 専用銀行口座へ自動振替出金.
  3. The tax payment.


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