From is a wiki (see wikipedia:Wiki). The content here is freely edited by anybody with an account. This page is for people who are interested in creating and modifying the content of this wiki.


Contributions are warmly welcome. To contribute you must be a resident of Japan.

Your knowledge and experience are greatly appreciated. Please keep content impartial. Recommending commercial products is fine, but please do not promote your own services. Use your common sense and best judgement. The objective is to provide useful, impartial information for fellow residents of Japan.

Please make edits even if you are unfamiliar with how the wiki works, or how to use certain features. It's better to get useful information online first; minor formatting and syntax changes can be fixed later. Everything that is editable can also be undone, so there is no need to worry about "breaking" anything.

Soliciting customers and advertising are expressly forbidden.

By contributing, you are giving licence for others to edit, copy, and re-publish your work, including commercially, as long as it is also published with attribution under the same licence.


If you would like to become an editor, please email me adamu@ this website name with:

  1. Your desired username. If it begins with a letter, it must be capital - a requirement of the MediaWiki software. You are welcome to use a pseudonym, but in order to foster a sense of community, please choose a recognisable username (randomly generated strings are not acceptable).
  2. Some context to enable me to confirm you live in Japan. I may ask follow-up questions if I'm not convinced.

Creating a new page

You must have a wiki account to create or edit pages.

The easiest way to create a new page is to use the search box to search for the page name, then click the red article link.

For full instructions, see mw:Help:Starting a new page.

Revocation of privileges

Please be civil. If the wiki administration feels your edits or conduct are disruptive or contrary to a collaborative atmosphere, your edit privileges will be revoked.