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Page construction in progress. (At the moment I'm investigating if the Expat Will is really a thing, or just something UK companies have cooked up to make more money)

Much of the information on this page is anecdotal and will need confirming. (Also this page has been written by a UK national with permanent residency living in Japan.)

The Basic Facts

1. According to the Japanese government, non-Japanese citizens in Japan have their estate dealt with under the law of their 'home country'.

2. UK law says that UK citizens living abroad will have their estates dealt with under the law of their country of residence. Other countries may differ.

So the safest approach would seem to be, make as simple a provision in both countries as possible.

Making a UK will

If your situation is simple, you may be perfectly fine making a will online without legal advice. If your situation is complicated, it is recommended that you consult a solicitor, which you can also do online, via email if necessary.

The UK Law Society recommends employing someone carrying its ‘Wills & Inheritance Quality’ accreditation.

If you employ a solicitor, they will store a copy with HM Courts and Tribunals Service. This can be very useful if the will goes missing for any reason. See this for more information: . You can do this yourself, the fee for which is 20 UKP (as of 2021-12-13)

This Monevator post has more on how things work in the UK: ... te-a-will/

There is also a bi-annual event called "Free Wills Month", where you can have a will made free, but you are expected to make a donation to charity:

Making a Japan will

When you make a will in Japan, it's necessary to follow a form specified by Japanese Civil Code, of which there are about 7, though not all are used regularly.

This post has some information on making a Will in Japan:

Other useful URLs: