Childcare Allowance



People who are resident in Japan and raising children from 0 years old until the age of finishing junior high school (the first March 31 after becoming 15 years old) are eligible to receive Childcare Allowance (児童手当, jidou teate).

Children living abroad (except those studying abroad) are not covered by the system. Children who live abroad because they are studying overseas may be eligible, provided:

  • The child had an address in Japan continuously for 3 years up to the day before they no longer had an address in Japan.
  • Less than 3 years have passed since the day the child no longer had an address in Japan
  • The purpose for living abroad is to receive an education, and the child does not live with together with their parents (or the child’s guardian, if the child is under guardianship)

Allowance amount

The amount of the allowance paid per child is as below:

Age of Child Amount of allowance per month if income limit (1) is not exceeded Amount of allowance per month if income limit (1) is exceeded
Under 3 ¥15,000 (for all children) ¥5,000 (for all children)
Age 3 ~ before finishing elementary school ¥10,000 (first / second child);

¥15,000 (third child and above)

¥5,000 (for all children)
Junior high school students (up to the first March 31 after becoming 15 years old) ¥5,000 (for all children) ¥5,000 (for all children)

(1) The income limit varies depending on the number of family dependents and various deductions.

Payment schedule

Payments will be made three times a year (February, June and October) for the four-month period before the month of payment (eg the June payment will be for February, March, April and May).

The payments will ordinarily begin for the month after the month of application. However, if an eligible child is born or transfers his/her registered address near the end of the month and an application is made within 15 days of the event, then the first payment will be made from the month of application.

Annual assessment

A form will be sent each June to assess eligibility for the allowance.

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